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F.H. CASTOR is a manufacturer of wooden houses since 1995. We have built about 1,300 buildings of different types, shapes and finishes. We have got a large factory, our assembly teams operate throughout the country. We develop an extensive network of sales representatives and exhibitions as well. We also offer components and finishing materials available in our plant-shop.

We offer wooden houses in log and framework technology:

  • framework dwelling houses
  • summer and all-season recreation log houses
  • taverns
  • holiday resorts
  • other wooden constructions
  • campers
  • mobile houses

If you are interested in selling and assembling our houses in your country, please let us know.
We can supply you with technical informations, sketches and price list.
Special amount discount guaranteed!


We offer our buildings of two technologies:

  • the logs of 45 mm of solid wood (recreational/cottage houses)
  • the wooden frame construction (dwelling buildings).

Technology of recreation/cottage houses

The customer can choose from our offer or design himself the shape, dimensions and finishing of the house. Our basis is a project from which you can create mutations. Material used to produce is Polish wood (pine, spruce). This is a high quality eco material, well suited for production.

Kind of wood
Spruce / pine, timber dried to a moisture 16-18%, four-sided planed.

Ground sill and grillage
The grid of logs 5/15cm spaced at 62.5 cm, impregnated with Fobos M2, with vapour permeable foil, insulated with mineral wool 15cm and covered with a vapour barrier foil.

27mm thick floorboard, planed and laid on the tongue and groove, nailed directly to the grid or alternatively OSB, skirting finish.

– non-insulated – board thickness of 45mm, height 135mm, connected to the double tongue and groove, laid on the ground sill.
– board thickness of 45 mm, vapour permeable foil, insulation of 10 or 15 cm thick mineral wool, vapour barrier foil , panelling board thickness of 14 mm.

45/132 mm beams spaced about 60 cm based on a substring 10/15 cm or 15/20 cm, depending on the span of the roof. Beams can be combined by carpentry joints.
Ceiling – board thickness of 27 mm – mounted directly onto the ceiling beams. There is an option of soundproof insulation (panelling, 5cm mineral wool and floorboard).

Rafter framing
On the outside walls there is a wall plate 10/10 cm. On it are based rafters 5/15cm in the span of about 60 cm. Gable roof (2 spans) with an angle of about 50 degrees.
Height of the house (from foundation to roof ridge) is 6.0 m (with a roof span of 5.0 m) or 6.60 m (with a roof span of 6.0 m). On the rafters is mounted roof foil and patch 4/5 cm; with the patch Onduline plates are attached or alternatively complete roof boards with tar paper.
The insulated version includes vapour permeable foil, insulation of 15 cm thick mineral wool, vapour barrier foil and inside panelling board. Rafters and roof construction are impregnated with Fobos M-2.

Onduline bituminous’s boards with patches (without formwork) or alternatively complete formwork plus tar paper (without patches).

Biological and fire impregnation
At each stage of finishing company impregnates sill, roof construction, patch and terrace board with Fobos M2, which protects the wood against fire, fungi and insects.
Additionally facade painted twice (base coat and color) with color from the palette of company Remmers or Bondex. Internal impregnation varnish once with Remmers.

Windows and doors
We install single-glass windows dim. 120/90 or 120/105 and 80/90 or 80/105 and one small bathroom window 60/40 (all windows unpainted). Additionally we can install double-glass windows with dimensions as above, painted.
Outside doors regular or with insulation.


Dwelling houses – frame construction

We offer skeletal (frame) shell-homes and finished as well. Our finishes are priced individually, according to the criteria and requirements of a particular customer.


  • framework (4,5 cm x 14,5 cm) with OSB plates, styrofoam and plaster, or alternatively coated with 45mm logs
  • roof construction
  • roof coated with logs and tar paper
  • construction of floors without cover
  • one outside door

Because of technical terms the valid offer can be arranged only directly by our consultant.

Castor - domy drewniane

Mobile houses of Europa Campers

We offer also another products concerning houses and living – check website of Europa Campers – part of our Castor Group – more about our offer for mobile houses you can find here.


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